Hyperbaric therapy: Is it right for you?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a type of treatment used to speed up the process of healing many different disease states. It also helps reduce inflammation in the body and the brain. Health Buyer Club is an exclusive dealer of the Summit to Sea soft chambers that are FDA approved. A mild (soft) hyperbaric

chamber or portable hyperbaric chamber is an inflatable bag chamber that is portable and can be used in the comfort of your home.

What could hyperbaric oxygen therapy be used for?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments can help treat many conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, Sports Injuries, Recovery from Plastic Surgery, Stroke, Autism, Migraine/headache, Near Drowning, Traumatic Brain Injury, Addiction, Anoxic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Avascular Necrosis, Circulation conditions, Crohn’s Disease, Concussion, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Long Covid, Covid-19, Compromised Skin Grafts and Flaps, Diabetic and and Selected Wounds. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers kill harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation, enhance blood flow, strengthen immune system, provide stress relief, decrease swelling and provide optimized oxygen diffusion in plasma. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber benefits can take time as the body heals and oxygen gets diffused into the brain. Instead of having to look for a hyperbaric treatment facility near you. Can Hyperbaric oxygen treatments be used to treat Long Covdi? There are positive clinical studies demonstrating that hyperbaric therapy can help heal the brain damage caused by Covid19. Having a home unit can make it more affordable and easier to do.The soft chamber

can be used in the comfort of your home without having to travel. At HealthBuyerClub.com we sell Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers at our club prices. Each hyperbaric chamber comes with a manufacturer warranty and technical support. Health Buyer Club offers a free membership. Please email us with any questions you may have in regards to hyperbaric oxygen soft chambers at customerservice@healthbuyerclub.com

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Hyperbaric can be used for anti-aging to to extend telomere length

 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases telomere length and

 decreases immunosenescence in isolated blood cells: a

 prospective trial | Aging (aging-us.com)