What is EMF? Is EMF bad for you?

EMF is Electric and magnetic fields also referred to as "radiation" that are invisible areas of energy produced by electricity.

Is cell phone and technology radiation dangerous ?

Devices that emit EMF can have adverse health effects on health such as metabolic disturbance, sleep disorders, discomfort, sensory disorders, immunotoxicity, inflammation, cardiovascular issues, infertility, cancer, congenital abnormalities and the list goes on.

How can I protect myself from EMF?

To protect yourself in your home you can start by shutting off your phone at night and not sleeping with it. You can also limit your exposure by shutting off your router each night. Health Buyer Club also sells multiple EMF blocking devices that you can use at home to help reduce your exposure to harmful technology radiation. We carry Brimhall Wellness™ EMF Protection Devices (including Brimhall phone protection), Brimhall Total Shield for whole house protection, Praesidium The EMF Protector (Dietary supplement) and Satic Shield dirty electricity reducer. Satic shield is a proprietary Power Perfect product line consisting of Satic field shield and the Satic EMI Line Monitor (which measures electromagnetic interference that is commonly referred to as "dirty electricity" on AC power lines). We also carry the Satic Shield Power Perfect HD Heavy Duty. This provides surge protection, line conditioning, EMF reduction, voltage regulation, negative harmonics reduction, reduced electrical consumption, equipment longevity and energy savings. The club also sells shielding for cellphones and other home equipment to reduce exposure.


EMF protection allows you to use your devices in a safe way giving you peace of mind. Shielding devices protect your family from radiation, headaches, fatigue, and pain in the back and neck. by decreasing fatigue and many using Total Shield from Brimhall see improvement in quality of sleep. It also prevents brain damage, reduces headaches, and can stop blurry vision/eye damage. Exposure to radiation can increase the risk for cancer and can have a damaging effect on children who are more susceptible.

The supplements and EMF shielding devices that are sold at HealthBuyerClub.com are known to effectively protect you from harmful energy that is produced by electricity even in the comfort of

your home or on the go. Shop our EMF protection devices today and save up to 40% .

Write to us with any questions regarding these devices and supplements at customerservice@healthbuyerclub.com.