5G Antenna For Total Shield EMF Device by Brimhall Wellness™


When fully implemented, 5G will broadcast in the 30 to 70 Gigahertz (gHz) range. (4G goes up to 6gHz, and the FCC has reserved up to 30gHz for military and civilian aircraft use.) Another version called 5GE (E stands for evolution) is being widely used by AT&T, and the Shield is already capable of diluting that frequency. With the new antenna, the unit now provides dilution to 5G.


The antenna is a silver alloy deposited on a piece of Mylar. It is tuned to the 30 to 70 gHz frequency band. In a normal state, the chip is inactive and does not interact with operation of the Shield. When a signal in the 30 to 70 gHz range is received, the strip becomes active and causes a phase shift to the incoming signal. This phase shift causes the wave to reflect the 5G signal back in the direction from which it came. The antenna reflection area ranges from 10 to 50 feet depending on proximity to the source antenna.

Simply stick the strip horizontally around the case either in the front or the back of the Total Shield. If you hold the paper up to the light, you will notice a small speck in the middle of the antenna; this is the chip. Mount the strip of paper so that the chip is on the lower side. We find it convenient to mount it above the LEDs on the front with the chip just above the green lamp. See green marks on photo above for sample placement.

The 5G antenna can be ordered as an add-on to any Total Shield unit.

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