B-Complex Plus by Pure Encapsulations®

Size: 30 Capsules - 1 Month Supply


Broad-spectrum B vitamin support for multiple levels of health.

• Rich in Vitamin B, supporting multiple levels of health.
• Assists cellular, cardiovascular, and neurological health.
• Supports healthy cognitive function as well as memory, mood, energy metabolism, and emotional well-being.
• Helps maintain muscle tone in G.I. tract.
• Supports nervous system function.
• Maintains integrity of skin & hair.
• Helps metabolize fats & proteins.

What are the benefits?

*Energy & Fitness *Multivitamins, Vitamins & Minerals


Pure Encapsulations® products are formulated using high-quality, pure ingredients, FREE FROM unnecessary additives and many common allergens including:
*Wheat, soy*, dairy*, eggs
*Tree nuts and peanuts
*Artificial colors, flavors & sweeteners
*Coatings & shellacs
*Unnecessary binders, fillers & preservatives
*Trans fat & hydrogenated oils
Everything you need and nothing you don’t—that’s goodness encapsulated.

More Product Information:

B vitamins play important roles in the body helping out with energy metabolism, brain health, nerve health, and more.

For starters, your body needs its B’s to maintain cellular, cardiovascular, psychological and neurological health, muscle tone in the G.I. tract, nervous system function, and the integrity of skin and hair.

What else? The balanced combination of B vitamins—and we’re talking B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin and folate—play a role in converting carbs into energy and helping our bodies metabolize fats and protein. In addition, Vitamin B12 supports healthy cognitive function as well as memory and mood.

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