BIO-AGE ELEVATE PROTOCOL by QuickSilver Scientific


This Bio-Age Elevate protocol helps take mitochondria and your energy levels to new heights. Defy your age with more resilient, revitalized mitochondria by optimizing metabolism through AMPK activation and NAD+ generation, and nourishing your cells and cell membranes with foundational nutrients. Taken on its own or followed by another Bio-Age module, this multi-product system will help empower you on your longevity journey.

This 28-day protocol includes:

  • 2 bottles AMPK Charge+
  • 1 bottle NAD Platinum
  • 2 bottles Membrane Mend™
  • 1 bottle Ultra Vitamin

AMPK Charge+ – A healthy regulator of metabolism, AMPK Charge+ supports the activation of the ancient AMPK energy pathway supporting healthy blood sugar levels, fat burning and utilization, and autophagy, the body’s cellular “housekeeping” system.

NAD+ Platinum – This signature all-in-one longevity formula, NAD+ Platinum, targets three vital aging pathways: NAD+ generation, sirtuin activation, and methylation.

Membrane Mend™ – This cell membrane nourishing supplement, encourages resilient and well-functioning cell membranes, a prerequisite for healthy metabolism—and longevity.

Ultra Vitamin – Rounding out this protocol, Ultra Vitamin™ is our patented, state-of-the-art blend designed to support whole-body health by supplying all the necessary cofactors for a more youthful metabolism.

Refrigerate NAD+ Platinum and Membrane Mend Upon Receipt

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