Bravo Edestiny Capsules with Peptides - 30 Caps by Bravo Probiotic


We now have Bravo’s latest all-vegan GCMAF supplement available for sale. Bravo’s Fermented HEMP seed protein is to become another blockbuster probiotic product providing GCMAF. This new product is known as Bravo Edestiny and features a diverse set of healthful peptides. This product is a one of a kind product in the marketplace.

In Bravo’s Swiss facility they have chosen the best Swiss quality HEMP seed protein powder, they blend it with highly selected food ingredients (such as real lemon juice and apple cider vinegar), they add a proprietary blend of fermenting cultures to their array of probiotics and prebiotics, and they leave the product to fully and naturally ferment following a proprietary process. Then, after full and extensive fermentation, they freeze-dry the product and make it available under the form of a gastro-resistant (enteric-coated), vegetable capsule. EDESTINY contains 200 million organisms (per cap)

BRAVO EDESTINY (CAPSULES) is unique because it's not merely a blend of probiotics. It is the only product available on the market containing fermented h-e-m-p seed protein powder, a wide array of live microorganisms, prebiotics, and a broad spectrum of probiotics, all this available under the form of gastro-resistant (enteric-coated) capsules.

BRAVO EDESTINY (CAPSULES) is a product entirely made in Switzerland and contains exclusive ingredients from certified Swiss and European sources; all the microorganisms, probiotic strains, and ingredients in this product are certified safe for human use. They are manufactured exclusively for our Swiss company by state of-the-art GMP-certified European facilities that guarantee the highest quality.

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