CastorPatch: Uterine / Pelvic detox by RemedyLink


Scar tissue and adhesions from injuries and surgeries can cause pain and limit movement in remote locations by torquing the connective tissue. The abdomen is particularly susceptible to this. Castor oil may support the body in resolving scar tissue.

Castor oil packs have been used to support liver detoxification for thousands of years.


1- Put the Castorpatch in a refrigerator the night before using it.
2- If the area that you are going to apply the Castorpatch to is very hairy, shaving the area will make for a better seal.
3- Measure the area you want to apply the patch to. It will work best on relatively flat areas on the torso.
4- Open the roll and cut off the appropriate size
5- Peel off the white backing.
6- Put a tablespoon of chilled castorpatch gel on the center of the sticky side of the patch. Don’t let any oil get within 1 inch of an edge.
7- Holding the patch by the corners, flip it over and place it on the intended area. The less you touch the edges, the better the seal. If you wait too long, the oil will melt.
8- Remove the clear outer covering
9- It should look like this now. Over time, the oil will move to the edge and leak out. If you rest, it should last over an hour. If you move around, it will leak sooner.
10- You can add extra pieces on the edge to make it last longer. If it leaks and you want to reapply, you must wash all the oil off the skin before trying again. There is a learning curve.  Your first few will likely leak until you get the hang of it.

Ingredients: Organic castor oil, organic shea butter, onion extract and organic essential oils.

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