CBD Synergies-SP by QuickSilver Scientific


Fast-acting support for deep, restorative sleep. Our elegant blend of full spectrum hemp extract, melatonin, naturally fermented GABA and botanicals is designed to help ease tension, calm the mind and induce relaxation.

Rest Easy Tonight.

CBD Synergies-SP Sleep Formula is a fast-acting blend full spectrum hemp extract, botanicals and nutraceuticals that supports restful sleep.

Full spectrum hemp extract – Our full spectrum hemp extract contains an array of phytocannabinoids, including CBD and a Farm Bill-compliant level of THC, that interact with the endocannabinoid system and serotonin and GABA receptors to influence sleep.

Melatonin – Melatonin is a hormone produced in the brain that regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, including the sleep-wake cycle. Supplemental melatonin helps realign a dysregulated circadian rhythm, initiating sleep.

5-HTP – 5-HTP is a clinically-effective precursor to serotonin, the body’s primary “feel-good” neurotransmitter, and melatonin. By bolstering melatonin levels, 5-HTP may improve sleep quality.

Naturally fermented GABA – GABA is the body’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter and a prerequisite for restful sleep. Supplemental GABA decreases sleep latency while enhancing the restorative quality of sleep.

Skullcap herb extract – Skullcap has long been used in herbal medicine used to support relaxation and restful sleep. It prepares the mind for sleep by enhancing GABA neurotransmission and increases restorative slow-wave sleep.

Passion Flower extract – Passion Flower extract contains phytochemicals that increase deep sleep and regulate circadian genes.

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