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Ezov contains an extract of the Hyssop herb, which may promote clarity and emotional support.


No matter what’s thrown at you throughout your day, keep things in balance with Ezov. Designed to deliver Hyssop herb, Ezov has been known to help support daily anxiety, improve sleep and dream states, occasional sleeplessness, and promote emotional balance. 

Our unique formula was strategically designed to deliver Hyssop herb extract, which may promote clarity and emotional support. Sourced from nature itself, Ezov allows you to tap into nature’s powerful arsenal as you incorporate this highly bioavailable liquid into your nightly routine.


Put 1 to 15 drops in 4 oz (120mL) of water and wait one minute before drinking. Start with 1 drop daily just before bedtime, and add 1 drop every 3 days or as tolerated until reaching 15 drops, or as directed by your physician.

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