imuno® - Superior Immune Support - GcMAF Made Better 3ml


imuno® is newly formulated, based on past experiences and scientific principles of GCMAF and RERUM®.  Optimized to capitalize on the most bioactive components of GCMAF. Imuno® is a new updated vegan super nutritional supplement and represents a quantum leap when compared to the previous immune support formulas. Simply put imuno® is GcMAF made better through over 25 years of research. 

imuno® is revolutionary and contains a patented component which is almost twice as effective as comparable formulas.

Some may ask how and why?

The answer is: Through 25 years of research Molecular biologists have identified the most bioactive, immune-boosting, Macrophage activating, Neuro Protective components in GcMAF. Thus the 5th generation formulation of imuno commenced development and is now available as an exciting and brilliant all-natural vegan product far more advanced than the original GCMAF produced out of Japan. 

imuno® is a vegan product,  which especially helps to keep it light and pure. It does not contain any products of animal origin, in contrast to older generation formulas currently sold in Asia.

imuno® is designed by Molecular Biologist,  Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD. Ph.D.  Author of many peer-reviewed scientific papers on quantum biology and immunotherapy.

Designed in 2018 imuno® is set apart from its predecessors. Its ingredients have been carefully crafted with detailed perfection to deliver a powerful action of supporting the immune system in doing as it should and removing what it doesn't want. Perhaps it is the micro-sized ingredients of chondroitin sulfate, phosphatidylcholine, cholecalciferol which are pure, vegan, and inherent of a low-molecular-weight.  The ingredients work naturally with our body's immune system to create a revolutionary supra-molecular structured delivery system to target and support the immune system's biological intention. 

This novel design allows more efficiency and power using a proprietary algorithm based on biological negentropy.  imuno® cannot be duplicated due to its complex nature of the formulation process.

Benefits of imuno® over GcMAF from Japan

Injectable GcMAF from Japan is manufactured by enzymatically treating filtered serum from human donors. The resulting product has three significant shortcomings.

  1. The Japanese product occasionally produces limb immobilizing pain around the injection site. This is likely due to incompatible proteins from the donors blood.
  2. Sterile filtered serum (0.22 microns) does not remove the smallest Prions (0.03 microns) that cause neurodegenerative diseases and may be transmitted in serum.
  3. The nutritional status of the donor must affect the resulting multimolecular complexes. i.e. serum deficiency of chondroitin sulfate or vitamin D will limit product effectiveness.
  4. The Main benefits of GCMAF have now been identified as the Low Molecular weighted Chondroitin Sulfate combined with the Phophilids and not the GC-Protein  as previously thought.
  5.  Independent European Laboratory test and report that imuno is about 100 times more effective than pure GcMAF in its ability to inhibit Nagalase.

Note that misinformation regarding GCMAF continues as many books and websites that are still touting the original GCMAF from japan are now quite outdated based on the research and by Dr. Ruggeiro and development of Imuno®.

Using imuno® - The Solution Recommended Dosage

imuno - The Solution® is a sterile solution that comes in a 3 ml vial. Each vial will provide 15 servings at the adult dosage of .2 ml. The maximum dosage of the product is .5 ml. Utilizing imuno at a dosage of .5 ml will yield 6 serving per 3 ml vial.

  • The adult serving size: 0.2 ml (4 drops) daily. 
    • (maximum dose 0.5 ml daily)
  • The child serving size: 0.05 ml (1 drops) to 0.1 ml (2 drops) daily. 
    • (maximum dose .25 ml daily)


Chondroitin Sulfate, an ingredient in imuno - The Solution®, has a blood-thinning effect, so when taking large doses, people on anticoagulant drugs, are advised to be under medical supervision. 3ml of imuno® contains the equivalent of over 120000ng of purified GcMAF.

Quantity discount pricing available! See below for quantity pricing.

Transport: room temperature, protected from light.
Store: refrigerated or cool and dark.
Once opened: store refrigerated (< 8 °C) and closed. If the oral adapter used (membrane wide open) then use contents within 60 days. If a sterile needled syringe is used (membrane intact, contents sterile) then use contents within 24 weeks.

Active Ingredients: VeganChondroitin sulfate, phosphatidylcholine, cholecalciferol. (Other Ingredients: water, salt.)

To keep the vial from contamination, it is advised that you use a sterile syringe to remove the solution and ensure that the inner membrane closure remains intact.  Further, this partially vial can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 8 weeks.  

There is also a "needleless/oral" syringe included which is an alternate way to extract the solution from the vial when used with the oral adapter cap.  A partially used vial should be refrigerated.


    The Protocol

    The current "imuno® - The Solution Protocol" includes Bravo Yogurt or Bravo Non-Dairy which work synergistically to move congestion out from deep in the body.  The chondroitin sulfate passes through the deepest congestion and passes the waste up to the mucosa and lymph which the Bravo products help to keep active.  

    Imuno® can be administered in many ways. Enclosed are instructions on usage of imuno® with the oral adapter.


    1. imuno® is a sterile, slightly thick and cloudy liquid of indistinct taste and may be used as an oral dietary supplement.
    2. Shake the vial vigorously and then prise the plastic flip-top disk from the top of the vial.
    3. Remove the paper backing from the vial adapter and push the vial into the vial adapter. The plastic spike will pierce the grey stopper visible in the centre of the metal top, and the adapter will clip into place. Remove the vial and the installed adapter from the plastic packaging.
    4. Push the closed syringe firmly into the top of the vial adapter (depressing the blue rubber valve)
    5. Invert the vial with syringe underneath and draw the syringe open to the required amount (i.e. 0.2 ml).
    6. Remove the syringe from the vial adapter. The valve will close and seal the vial/adapter on syringe removal. Store the vial upright.
    7. Use the required dose from the syringe.




    See our Video on How to Load Supplied Needleless Syringe When taking the product orally

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