JUVE-CAL 250 ml syrup by PEKANA®


JUVE-CAL 250 ml syrup | Pekana Homeopathic Remedy - Restorative and rejuvenating remedy for adults and children.

Growing children, adults recovering from illnesses or accidents, highly stresset individuals and new mothers often suffer from an overtaxed nervous system and general bidy weakness.

Through its regenerative effect, JUVE-CAL drops helps restore the mental, emotional and physical well-being of adults and children, combats nervous exhaustion, stimulates the appetite, treats digestive disorders and eliminates overall tiredness and weakness.

JUVE-CAL 250 ml syrup | Pekana Homeopathic Remedy INGREDIENTS/THERAPEUTIC PROFILE:

Abrotanum    1X    lack of appetite, scrofulosis, weight loss
Acidum phosphoricum    4X    exhaustion, weakness
Argentum nitricum    4X    loss of confidence, apprehension
Barium carbonicum    8X    developmental disturbnances, forgetfulness
Calcium hypophosphoricum    1X    loss of muscle strength, growing pains
Lycopodium    4X    dyspepsia, chronic auto-intoxification
Staphysagria    4X    moodiness, shattered nerves, digestion
Cinchona officinalis    1X    severe weakness, mucous membrance inflammation
Abrotanum 1X stimulates the appetite, regulates digestion and stops weight loss. In addition, it promotes excretion and detoxification, and treats scrofulosis and tubercular lymphatic processes.

Acidum phosphoricum 4X addresses mental, emotional and physical exhaustion, combats tiredness, enhances concentration and treats nervous or general weakness. It also addresses functional heart disruptions and digestive anomalies that sometimes affect rapidly growing children.

Argentum nitricum 4X addresses poor mental and physical coordination that leads to a loss of confidence, fear of failure and apprehension. These children frequently demonstrate an intense longing for sweets, which fits the psycho-somatic profile that "there is nothing sweet in my life" to make them feel better.

Barium carbonicum 8X treats acute lymphatic illnesses along with the entire glandular system, including the thyroid and prostate. It also addresses a child's inability to learn in school, forgetfulness, extreme shyness and delayed development. In addition, this substance treats stomach weakness and the disruption of heart conduction combined with high blood pressure.

Calcium hypophosphoricum 1X treats bone weakness, growing pains and loss of muscle strength combined with night sweats associated with a phosphorus deficiency. It also addresses an anemic skin color and neurasthenia that weakens general performance capabilities.

Lycopodium 4X supports general metabolic and functions and relieves dyspeptic digestive problems that are associated with a lack of confidence and rapid physical exhaustion. It also treats hyper-intoxification with auto-toxins that result from incomplete protein metabolism and can cause moodiness and irritability.

Staphysagria 4X addresses hyperstimulation (shattered nerves) and moodiness that hinder digestion and cause colic. It also addresses nervous exhaustion and mood swings often seen in young people, treats skin eruptions such as acne and alleviates hypochondria.

Cinchona officinalis 1X is an excellent substance for treating severe weakness due to loss of fluids. It also addresses overstimulation caused by light, noises or smells, helps resolve digestive organ dysfunction, stimulates proper warmth regulation and relieves systemic mucous membrane inflammation. China also stimulates all metabolic processes by improving enzymatic activity, which results in a normalized appetite and proper intestinal function.

In a base of syrup with apple whey, which provides the body with minerals and electrolytes.

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