KLIFEM 50 ml drops by PEKANA®


KLIFEM 50 ml drops | Pekana Homeopathic Remedies: For treatment of climacteric conditions, including menstrual problems, hot flashes and night sweats

KLIFEM drops holistically regulate hormonal imbalances and treat climacteric symptoms that women experience, including fluor crus, delayed and irregular menstruation, tendency to obesity, emotional instability, missed periods, menopausal flush, breast tenderness, hot flashes and night sweats.

Use of homeopathic-spagyric medications can also help delay menopause by up to two years and allow women to eventually make a symptom-free transition.

KLIFEM 50 ml drops | Pekana Homeopathic Remedies INGREDIENTS/THERAPEUTIC PROFILE:

Aletris farinosa 2X fluor crus, excessive bleeding
Graphites 8X delayed menstruation, soreness, obesity
Helonias dioica 3X nervousness, hot flashes, mood swings
Pilocarpus microphyllus 3X hot flashes, night sweats
Lachesis mutus 6X thyroid gland function, hot flashes, varicosities
Pulsatilla 3X irregular menstruation, anxiety
Sanguinaria canadensis 6X urogenital conditions, breast pain
Lamium album 1X fluor albus, bladder infections

Aletris farinosa 2X is specifically indicated for gynecological applications, including treatment of excessive bleeding during periods, anemia, fluor albus and connective tissue weakness. It also is used for stimulating the intestines and detoxifying the gynecological system.

Graphites 8X is indicated for women who tend to develop infections, experience delayed or shortened periods and menstruate watery blood that contains fluor albus. This substance also helps alleviate severe symptoms during menstruation that include back pain, hard or cracked nipples, joint stiffness and digestive tract conditions. Finally, Graphites treats the tendency toward bloating and obesity that occur due to ovary dysfunction and digestive system insufficiencies.

Helonias dioica 3X treats common symptoms that accompany menopause such as exhaustion, weakness, irritation, nervousness, hot flashes and mood swings. It also relieves swollen breasts and overly sensitive nipples where even the pressure of clothing causes pain.

Pilocarpus microphyllus 3X is indicated for treatment of hot flashes during menopause. This herb increases the kidneys' excretion abilities, resolving the need for the patient to eliminate toxins via other mechanisms such as night sweats or profuse perspiration during the day. In addition, it improves peripheral circulation and eliminates nervous heart complaints, tachycardia and anxiety.

Lachesis mutus 6X treats disruptions in thyroid gland function, hot flashes and sweating. This reliable medication fights all septic conditions of the body and protects the heart from damage. Lachesis is also an excellent treatment for varicosities that often accompany menopause, and prevents thrombophlebitis and the development of embolisms.

Pulsatilla 3X treats hot flashes and irregular menstruation, but also addresses psychological and emotional symptoms such as fear, anxiety and mood swings. It helps resolve nervous dysfunction of the stomach and liver that can lead to sleeplessness, and stimulates the excretion of toxins by improving mucus membrane and kidney function.

Sanguinaria canadensis 6X heals insufficiencies in the urogenital tract of women during menopause. Other common menopausal symptoms treated by this herb include hot flashes, heart and period anomalies, burning flour albus, breast pain, migraines and neurological sensations.

Although not well-known, Lamium album 1X is an exceptional plant for stimulating the metabolism, stopping infections and supporting excretion via the intestines. It is also used to treat fluor albus, regulate the female reproductive system, heal bladder infections and clean the blood of toxins.

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