LacticPlus 100 ml drops by PEKANA®


LacticPlus 100 ml drops: Promotes a healthy biological terrain (acid-base balance) and proper metabolism.

LacticPlus drops have an energetic effect on the body's internal biological terrain and promote a healthy acid-base balance. This remedy also stimulates proper metabolic processes throughout the body to help ensure that waste products are excreted efficiently and to prevent illness.

In addition, L (+) lactic acid is good for the skin and bowels, and is particularly useful in treating psoriasis. It also improves mitochondrial respiration by up to 350% (the mitochondria is the energy-producing organelle of the cell), which helps enhance athletic performance. Moreover, LacticPlus drops improve the effect of MUCOR by correcting the blood pH, and promote cell regeneration in geriatric patients.

LacticPlus 100 ml drops INGREDIENTS:

Acidum sarcolacticum 4X
Acidum sarcolacticum 6X
Acidum sarcolacticum 12X
Acidum sarcolacticum 30X
Acidum sarcolacticum 200X

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