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Neuro Pro (Brain) by Vielight


For a complete description of the Neuro Pro or to make a purchase, please proceed to the Neuro Pro website.

The Neuro Pro is the most advanced and versatile transcranial-intranasal brain photobiomodulation device available today.

Engineered for robustness (with 7 modules) and customizability with a feature-packed smartphone GUI – the Neuro Pro is a powerful device for any individual or professional who will benefit from the comprehensiveness.

The Neuro Pro comes with a pre-linked smartphone and pre-installed Neuro Pro mobile app.

With its modular design and software focus, the Neuro Pro is designed to evolve, improve and be upgradeable over time.
New Neuro Pro modules and mobile app updates will be released (for added or improved functionality) are in constant development.

Please note that the Neuro Pro is a professional-level device and the features have a moderate learning curve to master.

For more information, please follow the link to the Neuro Pro website: Link

If you have any questions about the Neuro Pro, please send us an email ( or call our Neuro Pro line at: +1 855-777-3830.


The Neuro Pro package comes with:

  • Neuro Pro Headset
  • Neuro Pro Module A
  • Neuro Pro Intranasal module
  • Neuro Pro Battery pack
  • Neuro Pro Smart Phone

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