OSS-regen 100 ml drops by PEKANA®


OSS-regen 100 ml drops | Pekana - For ostepporosis, ostitis, proper bone healing and prevention of degenerative bone disease.

All body tissues are subject to beneficial regeneration through an ongoing tearing down and re-building process. For example, special connective tissue cells are available for re-building bone, such as the osteoplasts.

If the normal tearing down/re-building process is altered due to hormonal imbalance, chronic infections, rheumatic processes or metabolic disturbances, the result can be a reduction of bone quality due to insufficient absorption of neutrients.

The healing components of OSS-regen drops help halt bone degeneration while restoring the metabolism and other body processes.

OSS-regen 100 ml drops | Pekana INGREDIENTS:

Asa foetida    3X    bone caries
Acidum phosphoricum    3X    bone paint
Angustura    4X    ostitis, vertebral pain
Bellis perennis    3X    microcirculation problems, anti-inflammatory
Bryonia alba    4X    painful and swollen joints
Guajacum    3X    rheumatism
Ruta graveolens    3X    limb pain and muscle weakness
Equisetum    1X    purulence of the bone

Adults    20 drops    3 times per day
Children    10 drops    3 times per day

TOTEX drops     general excretion
apo-RHEUM drops     rheumatism
INFLAMYAR ointment     joint injuries and inflammationINGREDIENTS

Asa foetida    3X    bone caries
Acidum phosphoricum    3X    bone paint
Angustura    4X    ostitis, vertebral pain
Bellis perennis    3X    microcirculation problems, anti-inflammatory
Bryonia alba    4X    painful and swollen joints
Guajacum    3X    rheumatism
Ruta graveolens    3X    limb pain and muscle weakness
Equisetum    1X    purulence of the bone

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