PurO3 Ozonated Sunflower Oil Two Ounce Jar by PromoLife


PurO3 Ozonated Sunflower Oil is one of our stronger oils.

Sunflower oil is light and natural and contains more Vitamin E than many other oils. It is used in many beauty products as a softening emollient and is high in vitamin A and D as well as essential fatty acids.  

It has a very light texture and is easy to absorb, making it very popular for moisturizers and lotions. The thick gel consistency makes it ideal for dressing wounds and applying to teeth in dental situations.

Adding activated oxygen into the mix provides many of the same potential benefits found in our other oils - ozone kills bacteria and viruses and provides greater oxygen to the skin. Ozonated sunflower oil is considered to hold a little more ozone that olive and is widely used in other countries due to the higher availability.

This organic sunflower oil, which is high in Linoelic EFA, is the original sunflower oil, and is used in Europe, Cuba, Russia and other countries. Because it is stronger and more effective it will not stay a salve at room temperature.

Comes in two ounce blue glass jars or one ounce tubes.  

Ingredients: Organic sunflower oil, ozone


Sunflower is the second strongest oil we have. It may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

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