Rectal and Vaginal Insufflation Package 03Elite mini by Promolife


This package includes everything you need to get started with rectal ozone insufflations.

This package includes your choice of an O3Elite Mini  Ozone Generator, three reusable multi-chamber insufflation bags, ten Luer lock catheters, and all the tubing and connectors you need to get started. It's easy to to customize this package for your needs.  

Step one: Which ozone generator is right for me?

If you only plan to do rectal insufflations in a small number of ozone outputs, the O3Elite Mini is all you'll need. If you plan to add on other ozone applications later, or want more output flexibility, you'll want the O3Elite Single. It is a great choice for all forms of ozone insufflations. You'll choose your generator above when you're ready to check out.

Step two: Bags or syringes?

Either option is ideal for insufflations. It depends entirely on which setup you prefer to use.

Step three: Humidifying ozone (optional)

A humidifier is not required to create ozone, but ozone can be drying. Bubbling it through water humidifies the ozone so it is less drying. If you'd like to add a humidifier, you can do so below. The Basic Humidifier is ideal for many insufflations. The Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo is ideal for insufflations and creating ozonated water, and the included destruct keeps excess ozone from entering the room.

can purchase water bubbler and other options including oxygen tank.detox

If you don't have a prescription or a local source, you can choose prefilled tanks or consider an oxygen concentrator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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