Taurox™ 4X 80 pellets 4 grams (0.14 oz.) by Allergy Research Group


Taurox™ 4X is a homeopathic immune optimizer that modulates the immune system to decrease fatigue and allow more effective immune responses.* Taurox™ modulates cytokines, and is nonadrenergic. It is not an acute stimulant; it does not contain caffeine or herbal stimulants. Taurox™ 4X pellets #75092 replaces Taurox™ 6X liquid #75090. NDC 73311-141-12.

Indication: For prolonged or severe fatigue due to illness or other conditions.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 pellets

Active Ingredients:

Tauroxicum (Taurox®) 4X (67%), 6X (1.7%), 12X (0.1%)

Calcarea carbonica 8X (5%), 12X (0.1%), 30X (0.1%)

Abies nigra, Aloe socotrina, Arnica montana, Cactus grandiflora, Lycopodium clavatum (All at 6X (5%), 12X (0.1%), 30X (0.1%))

Inactive ingredients: Sucrose.

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