Total Gut Restoration (w/ MegaPre Powder) by Microbiome Labs


Total Gut Restoration is an advanced 3-month protocol to support and restore gut health. A triple-threat of three unique supplements works to support a healthy gut, including maintaining a healthy and harmonious microbial ecosystem, promoting a protective gut barrier, and supplying precision bacterial species that support balanced immune and digestive function. Indeed, a healthy gut is a necessary foundation for supporting a healthy immune system.

Therapies that address only one aspect of gut health are often ineffective. This gut transformation system is supported by science, clinical practice, and patient preference. It comes conveniently boxed with easy instructions, increasing patients’ compliance and offering a specific and straightforward starting point for patients and practitioners alike. Level up your immune system today with Total Immune Support!

The items in this kit are also sold individually

MegaSporeBiotic ~ Recondition
MegaPre (Capsules) ~ Reinforce
MegaPre (Powder) Reinforce
MegaMucosa ~ Rebuild

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