UPELVA 50 ml drops by PEKANA®


UPELVA 50 ml drops  | Homeopathic Menstrual Relief |  Pekana: For relief of painful menstruation.

INDICATIONS: Sensations of dysmenorrhea appear in many women without any recognizable cause (primary dysmenorrhea), or there are organic, or functionally caused forms. Both conditions must be treated gently.

Cyclamen 3X menstrual disorder, migraine, fluor
Helonias dioica 3X mastodynia, uterine pain and inflammation
Kalium carbonicum 4X oligomenorrhea, menorhhagia, cardioneurosis
Staphysagria 4X neurasthenia, fluor, pruritus vulvae
Stramonim 10X dysmenorrhea, nymphomania, body odor
Viburnum opulus D1 spasms, premature menstruation, fluor
Xanthoxylum fraxineum 3X severe nocturnal pains uterine pains, wounds

Cyclamen addresses the irregular menstruation due to ovarial dysfunction, that primary arise during the development years. Symptoms include severe pains that project from the back to pubic bone that appear with a too strong or lumpy menstruation. Also hard and tense breasts as well as headaches or migraines can accompany this condition, and fluor.

Helonias dioica is the basic remedy for exhausted and nervously hyper-irritated women with severe weakness in the lower abdomen/hypogastrium. It is also indicated for pains in the uterus and weakened ligament of uterus with danger of prolapse. At the same time signs of mastodynia and inflammation in the entire pelvis area may also be present.

Kalium carbonicum treats inflammatory conditions in the female organs as well as irregular menstruation that is too long, strong or bad smelling. This substance, besides being effective in treating heart neurosis, participates in eliminating the frequently present sex gland weakness as well as general muscle weakness. Oligomenorrhea, menorhhagia, cardioneurosi.

Staphysagria treats neurasthenia within sad mood conditions, as well as female sexual organs that are sensitive to pain and show itching. The healing substance addresses neuralgia in the entire body, and has special meaning for healing injuries that are frequently due to uterine or intrauterine pessary. Fluor, pruritis vulvae.

Stramonium addresses psychological and motoric unrest. This substance treats strong menstruation, dark and lumpy with typical mood changes under the indications of dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, and even nymphomania. Also sleep is restless or hindered.

Viburnum opulus is effective in treating he severe, pulling spastic pains in the back, lumbar region of the lower stomach, that can go down to the thighs, and may also be accompanied by dull, sever headaches. For this reason this substance is a reliable choice for treating conditions dysmenorrhea, and allows the complex to be balanced.

Xanthoxylon fraxineum treats constantly increasing headaches with inflammatory irritation of the female organs, combined with congestive uterus pains, and severe uterine pains at night. This brings additional regulating influences on the digestive organs, and addresses the nausea and intestinal performance anomalies, which frequently accompany this condition.

Hypericum treats three large areas, the psychological regulation in general, and during the climacteriums, the wounds with protection against infections and a specific pain development in various parts of the body, as well as the sexual organs.

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