A Tick-ing Time Bomb

Lyme Disease Destroying Peoples Lives and Finances

Lyme Disease may Cost the United States more than $970 Million per Year to treat. If not treated early by antibiotics many people go onto Chronic Lyme Disease devastating their health and their quality of life. Once they are in the Chronic phase there are limited treatments to help them improve their health. Most patients self treat with natural protocols that are not covered by insurance and the financial burden is placed on the patient.

Health Buyer Club is dedicated to making these treatments for those suffering with Lyme Disease, Long Covid, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other Chronic illnesses affordable to the patient. Many people when bit by a tick do not even notice it until the bull's eye rash forms. The Lyme disease tests unfortunately are not accurate due to many tests showing a false negative. Acute Lyme disease can be very difficult to diagnose. If early Lyme disease is left untreated it can turn into chronic Lyme disease.

Can chronic Lyme disease be cured? 

For some it can be cured but for others it can be a lifelong battle. If caught early and aggressively treated many can regain full health. Unfortunately most doctors give an inadequate course of antibiotics leaving the lyme to return and become chronic. After being infected symptoms can range from fever, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle, joint aches, swollen lymph nodes, rash often in a bull's-eye pattern, neck stiffness, facial palsy (the loss of muscle tone or droop on one or both sides of the face), lyme arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling (particularly in the knees and other large joints), heart palpitations or an irregular heart beat (Lyme carditis), dizziness, shortness of breath, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, shooting pains, numbness and tingling in the hands or feet. Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics and herbal supplement protocols, including homeopathic treatments. It is a condition that is spread by deer ticks and possibly mosquitos, and anyone who is bitten by a deer tick has the potential of developing Lyme disease. The CDC states that Lyme disease can be treated with 30 days of antibiotics and the majority of insurance companies do not recognize chronic Lyme disease as a legitimate illness and will not pay for long-term Lyme disease treatment. Many chronic lyme patients have used natural protocols such as Nutramedix Cowden Monthly protocol or Cellcores Lyme protocol to see major improvements in symptoms and quality of life. 

Many Doctors gaslight patients and do not believe their symptoms or diagnosis. Getting a Chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis is hard to get as doctors dismiss it exists which is part of the problem. Health Buyer Club allows patients to afford the treatments they need to recover from chronic Lyme Disease. Spread the word about this new buying club to help others with Lyme Disease who are suffering. Enjoy savings up to 40% off over 55 physician formulated brands like Cellcore, Bodybio, Desbio, Nutramedix/Cowden protocol and many more to our members along with referral awards.  Join HealthBuyerClub.com today for FREE and start saving.