Bind Away Your Toxins

Let's talk about detox and binders. First, If you are taking an antimicrobial to "kill" your gut infection and not getting results. Most likely you are not taking adequate dosing of anti-microbial or not using a Binder which is Essential. Toxic exposure is everywhere. It is in our food, the air we breathe daily, and from mold exposure from our home or workplace. Binders help remove these impurities and clean out your systems to have your body work more efficiently and heal. carries many different highly specialized binders specifically formulated to remove mold toxins, heavy metals, and everyday chemicals destroying your health.  Using brands like Cellcore, Biopure, Researched Nutritionals, and Quicksilver Scientific binders can help rid the body of these unwanted toxins and help the body detox. 


What are other ways you can support your body getting rid of toxins?

Removing toxins with binders is one way to remove toxins and unhealthy metals, there are also other ways. Supporting your liver and kidneys can also help get rid of the unwanted toxins in the body. Liver Support using Tudca from Cellcore, or kidney drainage from Desbio or Pekana can aid the body in removing these toxic substances. The liver is the master detox organ of your body and supporting it can help keep your body working more efficiently. Your liver also metabolizes your hormones so keeping it working optimal can also help you with your hormone issues including menopause.

Health Buyer Club has a large range of scientifically studied binders including carbon-based binders, natural binders for detox, the best binders for candida die-off, binders for heavy metal detox, detox binders for mold,  and GI detox binders.


When should you take a binder? 

Binders should be taken at least 30 minutes before or 1 – 2 hours after eating or taking any supplements or medications two times a day. Our Cellcore BioToxin Binder promotes the body’s natural ability to detoxify. It increases support to the gut microbiome. This optimizes immunity and digestive function. The addition of Carbon Technology also supports cellular repair and increased energy production. BioToxin Binder is an ideal first-step detoxification support supplement. It is recommended to take it prior to Carboxy, HM-ET Binder, or ViRadChem Binder. We also have Researched Nutrionals MycoPul®. This employs multiple targeted binders to remove mycotoxins, which are toxins produced by mold from the GI tract. Each mycotoxin is unique and responds differently, MycoPul’s proprietary MycoPlex™ blend is formulated with multiple targeted ingredients shown in research to bind the most prevalent mycotoxins. BioPure ZeoBind® is a potent combination of clinoptilolite and mordenite. It supports heavy metal removal via the gastrointestinal system. The Ultra Binder we carry by QuickSilver Scientific is an activated charcoal, bentonite, clay, gut health supplement for detoxification and digestive health. We have detox bundles, whole body immune support, Carboxy by Cellcore, and AMALGACLEAR® by QuickSilver Scientific. With over 55 professional physician formulated brands carried by Health Buyer Club, members  have so many binders to choose from to help them clear their toxins and get healthy. Visit today and start saving up to 40% on brands you love.  Membership is FREE, so start saving now. If you have any questions regarding the Binders, detox supplements and protocols we carry please write to us at